Hamilton The Musical As American History

Hamilton: An American Musical is a hip-hop musical that tells the story of one of America’s founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton. The musical was created by Lin-Manuel Miranda and made its debut on Broadway in 2015. Since then, it has gained critical acclaim and has become a cultural phenomenon.

One of the reasons why Hamilton is so unique is the way it presents American history. It takes a well-known story, that of America’s founding and the Revolutionary War, and retells it through the lens of a contemporary audience. The musical uses hip-hop music to tell this story, which was a revolutionary genre in itself when it emerged in the 1970s. By using hip-hop, Miranda has made the story more accessible to a younger generation who may not have been interested in history before.

The use of hip-hop in Hamilton also mirrors the storyline itself. Just as hip-hop music was a way for young black Americans to express their struggles and experiences, Hamilton tells the story of how the country came to be through the eyes of an immigrant who had to fight his way up from nothing. Hamilton’s story represents the American Dream, and how it is possible to achieve success no matter where you come from.

Furthermore, Hamilton also portrays the diversity of America. The characters in the musical are played by actors of different races representing a diverse range of backgrounds. The musical accurately portrays the fact that America has always been diverse and built by many different people of different cultures, races, and religions

Another important aspect of Hamilton is the way it addresses issues of equality and democracy. The musical shows how America’s founding fathers were grappling with these ideas at a time when most of them still believed in slavery and other forms of inequality. Hamilton shows how important it is to strive for equality and justice, even when it is difficult.

Overall, Hamilton: An American Musical represents a turning point in American history. It acknowledges the flaws and failures of the past but celebrates how far America has come. The musical has brought American history to life in a way that everyone can appreciate and understand. It reminds us of the importance of being inclusive, striving for equality and democracy, and of never forgetting where we came from.

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