Spring is Almost Here! Get Going with These Outdoor Activities

It’s no secret that warmer weather and longer daylight hours make just about everyone feel a little more cheerful, but it’s hard to enjoy the best parts of spring if you stay cooped up inside all day. Even if you’re not typically the outdoorsy type, you’ll be surprised at just how much a little time out in the sun can lift your spirits.

Here are a few outdoor activities that those with all different interests can try.

Use your green thumb

Spring is the ideal planting time for various flowers and vegetables. Studies have shown that gardening is great for the mind and body—it relieves stress and increases physical strength and endurance—and it always feels rewarding to see new life spring up thanks to your efforts.

Bond with the birds

One of the first things that come to mind when one thinks of spring is the relaxing sound of birdsong. Take advantage of our feathered friends returning by birdwatching at a local park or setting up a bird feeder near your window to watch all different species fly in. And if there’s a body of water nearby where ducks tend to flock, it can be fun to toss them some birdseed, corn, peas, or halved grapes. Just be sure to avoid feeding them bread, which is bad for their health.

Have a picnic

Eating is something you need to do every day no matter what, so why not change up the scenery a bit? Enjoying a meal at a picnic table or settling down on a blanket are great ways to enjoy the delights of fresh air and delicious food at the same time.

Snap some photos

You don’t have to be an expert photographer to capture the beauty of the great outdoors. Looking at the world around you through the lens of a camera can help you see things from a whole new perspective, whether you prefer to capture breathtaking sunrises, busy city streets, or animals in your yard. When you’re done, you’ll have plenty of gorgeous decorations to add some life to your walls or materials for a personalized scrapbook.

Take a walk

Sometimes all it takes to brighten up a spring day is a simple walk. Whether it’s a long hike at a nature trail or a quick trip through your neighborhood, walking is both a great form of exercise and an instant mood lifter. If you’re looking for something exciting to spice up your day, consider walking somewhere you’ve never walked before (after making sure it’s a safe area) or strolling to a nearby store that you usually drive to.

Now is the time to get outdoors more and take in the beauty of spring while enjoying these uplifting activities!