Health Benefits Of Exercise

It’s easy to feel unmotivated when your body can’t do the same things it could in your younger years, but don’t let that keep you cooped up inside all day. There are plenty of great ways for seniors to work out without overdoing it, and your body and mind will both thank you for the activity. Let these benefits of exercise incentivize you to enjoy some fun in the sun.

Improved Strength

Everyone knows that exercise makes your muscles stronger, but did you know that it also strengthens your bones? Outdoor exercise is especially beneficial for bone health, thanks to the vitamin D provided by sunlight. Moving your body also helps boost your endurance, flexibility, and balance. All these benefits combined make everyday activities easier for your body to carry out and help lower your risk of falling and becoming seriously injured.

Disease Prevention

In addition to helping you avoid falls, exercise is also excellent at keeping disease at bay. Physical activity of any kind, especially when done outdoors, strengthens your immune system, which helps protect you against common illnesses like colds and flu. Plus, keeping your heart in good shape helps prevent heart disease and promotes healthy blood sugar levels, lowering your risk of diabetes if you don’t have it and alleviating symptoms if you do.

Brain Health

You may have heard gym fanatics talk about “arm day” and “leg day,” but did you know that when you exercise, every day is “brain day?” Learning new workout routines keeps your mind actively engaged, just like reading a book or doing a puzzle. Even activities that don’t seem to require a lot of mental effort work wonders for brain health. Working out improves blood flow to your brain, keeping your mind sharp and removing much of the waste buildup associated with dementia.


The best reason to engage in outdoor activities is plain and simple: It feels good! The endorphin release that comes with exercise is amazingly effective at lowering stress levels, and exposure to sunlight is heavily linked to happiness which many doctors recommend as a treatment for depression. Plus, working out during the day makes it easier to get a restful sleep at night, making you feel more energetic the next day.

Activities to Try

The key to getting the most out of your summer workouts is to find the form of exercise that makes you most happy, whether you prefer to engage in social activities or enjoy some peace and quiet alone. Some senior-friendly seasonal activities you might like to include:

  • Swimming – There’s no better way to cool down on a hot day than jumping into a pool, and exercises like water aerobics are low-impact, making them a great source of relief for joint pain.

  • Walking – A leisurely stroll through your neighborhood or at a local park is equally enjoyable alone or with a companion. No matter where you live, you can indeed find beauty in the scenery around you.

  • Gardening – There’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing beautiful flowers or eating tasty veggies and knowing that they grew because of your effort.

  • Dancing – Upbeat music is the perfect way to boost your energy and get you feeling motivated, both physically and mentally, so get your groove on!

  • Yoga – Yoga has a host of physical and mental health benefits, which you can read more about in “The Benefits of Yoga at Any Age” in this newsletter.

  • Playing with the Grandkids – You’re never too old to toss around a football or play a game of tag, and nothing is more enjoyable than spending quality time with your most favorite people.

No matter how you choose to get moving, you can take pride in knowing that you’re helping every part of you stay healthy. So fill up your water bottle, put on some sunscreen, and get moving!